About Andrea

Andrea, the “Quit Quitting Expert,” is a behavior change specialist with a Master’s Degree in Health Psychology. She is an ACE certified health coach and personal trainer with additional specialties in athletic conditioning and weight management.

“I believe all bodies are different and respond to different strategies uniquely.

I believe exercise is the gateway drug for everything that ails us.

I believe in challenging our physical limitations on a regular basis in order to build our mental toughness, which builds our confidence, which makes us better people.

I believe conquering obstacles in the gym has a direct connection to conquering obstacles in real life, which makes us better people.

I believe our mental health is a priority.

I believe most of us grossly underestimate our athletic abilities.

I believe, we have potential to get in the best shape of our life as we age.

I believe, in small, like-minded groups, with inspiring leadership, we can become people who accomplish impossible goals.”

Andrea is a disciplined and competitive athlete with podiums in running, obstacle course racing, duathlon, and figure competition. She was the first collegiate obstacle course racing coach in the nation.

My Purpose

Next Level Fitness Training strives to provide the absolute best environment for people to improve their lives with gym-time.

My Vision

Lives are changed because of the culture of compassion, acceptance and belief in everyone’s unique abilities. Athletes are developed, nurtured and grown. A community of like-minded people who build each other up to accomplish more than they ever dreamed possible “Strong!” “Capable!” “Athletic!” “I Can and I Will!” Are words used to describe ourselves.

My Promise.

We promise to do our very best to use our knowledge and skills and wisdom to help every individual exceed their goals.

We promise to see each member as a unique individual capable of tremendous accomplishments in and out of the gym.

We promise to treat each person as if their personal growth is endless.