Are You Offended By My Body?

People in my business (and others) want to complain that there is too much Social Media emphasis on bodies. So… things like selfies of washboard abs, and and advertisements using uber-fit chicks are actually Dis-couraging to people who are not already there, not En-couraging to them, they say.

There is a problem with this attitude. Many problems.

  1. Where do we draw the line on beauty habits?
  2. Isn’t self-improvement the message?
  3. Vanity saved MY life!

And Bonus points: Body fat measures ARE a measure of health!


I wear make-up. I shape my eyebrows (on a good month). I shave my legs. I go to the tanning booth. I have my hair styled and colored! (And I’m not alone!) And, I know women who will sit for God-knows-how-long, so that someone else can paint their nails!

Where are we going to draw the line with our beauty habits. Who gets to decide that natural hair color is not ok, and can be tampered-with, but natural breasts are, and should not be augmented? Who gets to decide that flaunting a well-sculpted body is damaging, but flashing a great pair of new shoes is ok?

Also, I know women with virtually flawless skin. I have seen countless ads and SM posts of people with perfect teeth. I can’t see how that would be discouraging? Don’t they just make you want to hydrate and floss?


O My! We all started somewhere! None of us were born with the body we have now! We either made poor decisions, or good decisions. And a lot of us made poor decision before we made good decisions and we want to share that experience with others a) to encourage them that “if I can do it, you can do it!” and b) because it feels good when strangers say “good job!”

The desire for self-improvement is a basic human… shall I say Obligation? I have been a person who didn’t understand that desire. And it’s confusing. And that confusion is WAY worse than the struggle to be better every day. Trust me. Yay for us getting #bettereveryday!

And Finally and Most Passionately, 3.

The fact that I have a large “Vain,” is the reason I am even able to type this message now. The mirror has kept me accountable to my potential to be of very little good to anyone. I will candidly tell you, back in the day, it kept a needle from my arm, and vast quantities of alcohol from my lips when that seemed like a really good option for my life. Don’t judge people who need that damn mirror to keep being amazing! Celebrate the fact that we are contributing to the good of this planet, however we do it.

And Bonus points: Actual fact: People with more muscle mass ARE, as a whole, actually healthier than those with not enough. MBI (Body Mass Index) is no longer a viable measure of health. The more muscle you have, the better able you are at handling things like (whatever ) life (throws at you)!