They’re Here!

A few weeks ago I mentioned I’m on a new path to heal this thyroid thing. My functional medicine doc was going to recommend a set of supplements to get my gut in check, which will affect my overall health, which will hopefully heal this lump. Well, they’re here! It’s really not as scary as […]

I’m Selling The Car

Here’s something I’ve never said before: “Is there a place we could stop and get a burger?” I realize it’s one of the many facts about myself that make me an outlier. Here’s more: I don’t like chocolate. My mind often sees things backwards, like every time I see a sign that says STOP, SEVERE […]

Underachieving Overachiever

I don’t think there is another more underachieving overachiever as I am anywhere on the planet. You know how they say it’s sometimes better to cut your losses because a win is looking pretty grim? Well, today is another one of those days when I’m asking if it’s that time. Today is one of those […]

Closest Friends

I just found out people who write for a living write even when they don’t feel like it. And a common trait among successful people is they get out of bed early even when they don’t feel like it. Do you get it? Do you get the implications of this?! Backtrack with me for a […]

I’m Coming Out

It’s been about six years since a doctor told me to get this tiny lump on my thyroid checked out… a goiter, I guess I’m supposed to say. I don’t use that word very often because it’s about the ugliest word on the planet. As ugly as itself. I think of that Seinfeld episode where […]


If you have read any of my blogs, you’ll see I’m pretty transparent. So… my most passionate desire is to be a person who does not judge people. I don’t care who you voted for. I don’t care if you like piercings on you nipples. I don’t care if you’re a high-powered executive. I only […]

Is Pure Water Really Necessary?

I can’t find any advice from any reputable medical science that show us it’s necessary to drink ½ our body weight in ounces of pure water per day. And believe me, I have searched! Fitness professionals like me believe that is the best practice for good reason, but we have been twisting the actual information […]

Loneliness is your problem

Loneliness is a health risk. Not just not being connected with family and friends – because someone can be connected with family and friends and still be lonely – but not being connected in a way that is meaningful. Loneliness contributes to everything from dementia to inflammation; high blood pressure to stroke. Its affects are […]


There’s nothing like an injury that hurts like a MF to remind you you’re human. In fact, it reminds me that most things need to remind me I’m human. Our pantry door crashed to the ground, finding, somewhere in the tumble, my bare foot. And although, whatever hit I took, yielded considerable pain, it lasted […]