Muscle Gain? or Fat Gain?

Most people know that muscle weighs more than fat. But if you have started an exercise program and the scale is still not showing lower numbers, and in fact showing higher numbers, are you really gaining muscle or fat? I have frequently heard women who are new to exercise tell me their weight is going […]


I’m a gym-rat. And if you’re not, you might not quite get the implications of discipline in my life because of the time I spend in the gym. We gym-rats — or people who workout, or your kids in PE — are a people who regularly and intentionally put ourselves in situations that we literally […]

Decision Balance

I have positivity all around me. But I’m swallowed by self-pity. Do you put a time-limit on trying too hard inside pools of uncertainty? Do you set a standard for how long you’ll endure paddling upstream? How much positive thinking can a person absorb before admitting it’s never going to be me. I know I’m […]


I have this problem with directions. I get into my car (for ages this has happened, probably my whole 37-year driving career) I turn on the radio, or a podcast, or my thoughts about life, and I am suddenly on the wrong path. I know, when I get behind the wheel, where I’m going. I’m […]

100% and nothing less

I think when you lose, you can’t really, for reals, honestly say you tried your best. I go into any competition saying “All I can do is give my best… 100% of what I have. That’s all I have.” But today I lost. And I’m not really sure I can walk away saying I for […]


I wasn’t a jock in High School. I certainly wasn’t in college. In fact I wasn’t a jock until well into my fourth decade. Now, it’s an identity I really dig wearing.  I mean I really love it! Identities are interesting. We, kind of like acting the part of who we want to be. I […]

Eyes to See

I’ve been going it alone for a long time. I grew up in an era when we didn’t see a doctor for cuts and colds and constipation like people do now. Other than dental and chiropractic care, I could count on all my digits how many times I’ve been to a doctor without using any […]

The Trouble with Facebook

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” George Elliot The trouble I have with Facebook is the sharing of the memories. Today I got one from “8 years ago.” First of all, I’m still in shock that Facebook even existed eight years go. But the most depressing part is recognizing that […]