Best Deadlift Tip

The best way to get a great deadlift, protect the back, and feel the purpose for the deadlift is to keep you back in extension. If you’re rounding through the spine, you’re in danger of hurting your back, and you’re missing the point. Don’t pull the bar off the ground until you get shoulders back, […]

Tattoo You

I’m attracted to memes because I love words. Words are more than letters in sequence. They transform lives. I hope I’m not telling you anything new. My favorite conversation starter is to ask people to come up with at least three individual words that describe how they want to feel. Another is to ask what […]

More Curiosity About Curiosity

Aren’t you curious about what it will happen? That’s my new favorite question to ask clients who want to make changes to their health and wellness. What if you drank half your body weight in ounces of water? Aren’t you at least curious to see if the claims are true for YOU? What if you […]

The Connection

Somewhere imprinted in my mind was the message that if I am not needy, I wouldn’t get attention. My neediness; my victimhood; my despondency was the way I got people to notice me. And so, inadvertently, this became my identity. Think Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh. . As I grew up, I became afraid of […]


I think I’ve narrowed down my two values. If you got two Values. What would you choose? Just two Values that you could live your life by? Before you answer: Values guide our attitude, motivate us to do what we do, are our decision-filters. Use a thesaurus if you need it. Mine are, Empathy and […]

I’m Curious about Curiosity

What if we dissected Curiosity and divvied it up into all areas of our lives? The word came up in the book I’m listening to by Brene Brown called Dare to Lead. And my mind scattered in a million directions about the impact it could have if we started every endeavor with: “I’m Curious about… […]

Public Poop

I don’t think anyone has had more poop dreams than I have. About 20 years ago, I remember someone saying “when you have poop dreams, it means you’re coming into money.” (I remember it being that long ago because home computers – i.e. searching the internet for why I’m having pooping dreams – was not […]


Today I am recognizing my Brave. Today I stop ridiculing myself for being slow or stupid or scared. Here’s my story: I AM BRAVE! Through fear! I GO ANYWAY! I’m terrified! I GO ANYWAY! Nothing is normal! I MOVE ANYWAY! Starting today, I don’t belittle myself for not knowing more, being more, performing more. My […]


A while back I read: —There are three kinds of Discipline: WILLPOWER-to work when you don’t want to. RESTRAINT – to cut back on training bc you’re busy or fatigued. FORESIGHT – planning your travel around your workouts. What is your strength? Where do you need more work?. (I’m not sure if my new girlfriend […]

Hem In

Last day of the 3.5 day mentorship and the overarching theme is authenticity. No, for reals. That word might be a little cliché, like vulnerability, since Brene Brown starting speaking out. But I promise, you have never been to a trade seminar that fostered such a culture of full-exposure. The reason we are here, to […]