Choose Well

I wake up every day on grounding sheets in a room with no electronics except the fan. Like usual, I have slept at least eight hours. My tea, and the milk I put in it, are organic. The water I drink is purified. The products I use to clean, moisturize, or cover my skin are […]

Motivation Is Not Crap

I listened to an excellent motivational video on YouTube today during my workout. I like motivational videos. It’s not a regular thing with me, but I’ve listened a few times in the gym. The one I ended up with today was primarily David Goggins’ voice. David Goggins being, arguably, the toughest man on the planet. […]

I accept

There are a lot of things I can do to improve the way I look including shaving my legs, wearing just the right shade of foundation, and coloring my hair. All of which I do. I have this thing I do with all my clients where I ask them to give me three individual words […]

I Bought A Sandwich Today

I’ve been staring at the inside of my refrigerator for about five months now. And today, I bought a sandwich. It’s a turkey panini. Fully opposite of what I’ve come to know as my normal dietary intake of plants. I felt like a criminal. Or an alcoholic. Not to say I was afraid of being […]

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

Stop the epidemic of inactivity! 80% of Americans don’t get even 20 minutes of moderate activity every day! 50% of people who start an exercise program quit within a few months. I need a math scholar to tell me what that means statistically. But it looks like a lot of people want to exercise, they […]

Me and David Sedaris on the Trails

I have this iteration of my life where I write and speak like David Sedaris — but only in my voice. I think this is not such an outrageous fantasy because David shares the same penchant for imagining fame and notoriety as I do. Until I started listening to him, I didn’t know this was […]

Right Up There

I had a therapist tell me she would not answer my call until I rang her 5 minutes late. She was challenging my perfectionist nature to sleep at night knowing I did not make an appointment on time. This was about 20 years ago, and I have not given myself such a robust dare since. […]

Vote For Your Brain

Vote For Your Brain I miss those days when a bagel and cream cheese was a healthy food option — Man, I miss a bagel and cream cheese!–  I miss Teddy Grahams and Cheezits.  I miss not having to read the food label for every item outside the produce aisle. I miss the freedom of […]