Public Poop

I don’t think anyone has had more poop dreams than I have. About 20 years ago, I remember someone saying “when you have poop dreams, it means you’re coming into money.” (I remember it being that long ago because home computers – i.e. searching the internet for why I’m having pooping dreams – was not […]


Today I am recognizing my Brave. Today I stop ridiculing myself for being slow or stupid or scared. Here’s my story: I AM BRAVE! Through fear! I GO ANYWAY! I’m terrified! I GO ANYWAY! Nothing is normal! I MOVE ANYWAY! Starting today, I don’t belittle myself for not knowing more, being more, performing more. My […]


A while back I read: —There are three kinds of Discipline: WILLPOWER-to work when you don’t want to. RESTRAINT – to cut back on training bc you’re busy or fatigued. FORESIGHT – planning your travel around your workouts. What is your strength? Where do you need more work?. (I’m not sure if my new girlfriend […]

Hem In

Last day of the 3.5 day mentorship and the overarching theme is authenticity. No, for reals. That word might be a little cliché, like vulnerability, since Brene Brown starting speaking out. But I promise, you have never been to a trade seminar that fostered such a culture of full-exposure. The reason we are here, to […]

Contentedness is Anathema to Me

My sister and I ask, what is it about us that makes us always looking out for something that we’re not doing now? It’s been like a huge life-long issue for us. I don’t think we’re alone; I can’t imagine we are. We never seem satisfied. We want another animal. Or another career. Or to […]

Health is not linear learning

This blog could change your life! Don’t miss it! My husband is going to school to be a certified Health Coach, and one of his assignments has been to go on a 21-day cleans. The idea is to eliminate all foods – even foods you’re addicted to like coffee and alcohol and cheese — that […]

who am i

If I don’t say “now-a-days” because only old people say that, does that mean I’m denying who I am, Or being sensitive to the times? Am I trying too hard to be like the young people, Or am I blending in? I don’t want to grow old so desperately that I am ultra- sensitive to […]

Muscle Gain? or Fat Gain?

Most people know that muscle weighs more than fat. But if you have started an exercise program and the scale is still not showing lower numbers, and in fact showing higher numbers, are you really gaining muscle or fat? I have frequently heard women who are new to exercise tell me their weight is going […]


I’m a gym-rat. And if you’re not, you might not quite get the implications of discipline in my life because of the time I spend in the gym. We gym-rats — or people who workout, or your kids in PE — are a people who regularly and intentionally put ourselves in situations that we literally […]