Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is power I’ve been journaling since I was 13-years old. That’s about 32  years’ worth of journal-writing that says almost nothing. I’m not judging really. I’m just saying. They really say nothing. I’m listening to a book by Jim Kwik, the memory guru, called Limitless. It’s about memory and being smarter, with personal growth […]

Anchors Away!

Since coming out, I’ve had some great thyroid, and state-of-the-medical-system, and healthy-living conversations. I love hearing other people’s health success stories. Some friends loaned me a book, called Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett & Dave Evans, I think should be required reading for every high school and college student (or every 55-year-old looking to […]

Control Freak

I keep a white board marker, or an old lip pencil handy to write words that I need to see on my bathroom mirror. Recently I wrote: “God is in control… Trust God.” And when I wrote it, I didn’t really know what that meant. I mean kind of. I wrote it, because there is […]

3 Reasons to Love Statistics, Squared

Actual text message to my friend: “Hey, what time do you want to meet up tonight? This morning I’ll be hunkered down under the authority of  Greek symbols, correlation coefficients, and something called post-hoc analysis. There’s a lot of talk about ‘relationships’ but I’m not fooled. They know I’m cowering under their power to make […]

They’re Here!

A few weeks ago I mentioned I’m on a new path to heal this thyroid thing. My functional medicine doc was going to recommend a set of supplements to get my gut in check, which will affect my overall health, which will hopefully heal this lump. Well, they’re here! It’s really not as scary as […]

I’m Selling The Car

Here’s something I’ve never said before: “Is there a place we could stop and get a burger?” I realize it’s one of the many facts about myself that make me an outlier. Here’s more: I don’t like chocolate. My mind often sees things backwards, like every time I see a sign that says STOP, SEVERE […]

Underachieving Overachiever

I don’t think there is another more underachieving overachiever as I am anywhere on the planet. You know how they say it’s sometimes better to cut your losses because a win is looking pretty grim? Well, today is another one of those days when I’m asking if it’s that time. Today is one of those […]