Choose Well

  • I wake up every day on grounding sheets in a room with no electronics except the fan. Like usual, I have slept at least eight hours.
  • My tea, and the milk I put in it, are organic. The water I drink is purified.
  • The products I use to clean, moisturize, or cover my skin are carefully chosen for minimal impact on my hormone balance.
  • Virtually all of the foods in our refrigerator are chemical free. Our meals are almost exclusively plant-based, with the occasional organic, free-range meat.
  • I eat virtually no sugar, or processed foods with ingredients I can’t pronounce.
  • I take a product called Juice Plus faithfully which naturally wards off disease.
  • I listen to uplifting podcasts and books; I surround my home with positive memes.
  • I exercise most days of the week. I allow my body ample recovery time from a hard workout.
  • My job is rewarding and enjoyable.
  • I go to sleep with a loving husband next to me.

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had the flu in my 56 years.

There are a number of factors that lead to health. I know people who drink more than enough alcohol, but that they are surrounded by loving friends, family and church, gives their immunity an advantage my EWG approved shampoo will never match. I know people who cut their required sleep-time most nights, but that they ply their skills in generous service to others, boosts their immune system in ways no amount of my clean shopping habits will ever touch.

However, I don’t think it is our right to neglect the most valuable commodity on the planet: our own bodies. I think it’s wrong for anyone to believe they have authority to abuse the one means they’ve been given to live out a purpose that is intended for the benefit of others. It is our obligation to nurture and care for the bones, circulatory system, muscles, brain synapses, bacteria, mitochondria, and neurochemicals. Your health impacts me and everyone else on the planet. When you are not healthy, we all suffer.

Today, I’m forced to watch faceless people shuffle throughout the grocery store filling their baskets with a menu that will tonight poison their bodies, while they will believe their covered mouth and nose is protecting them from illness never acknowledging the truth.