Last day of the 3.5 day mentorship and the overarching theme is authenticity. No, for reals. That word might be a little cliché, like vulnerability, since Brene Brown starting speaking out. But I promise, you have never been to a trade seminar that fostered such a culture of full-exposure.

The reason we are here, to learn from this man and the people he attracts… people with an unmatched kind of real. That’s the real I want to be, and to be surrounded by. We love. We accept. We listen. We bless. We cheer. We ignite. We embrace.

Gratitude for the presenters revealing themselves under the microscope of 50-something souls. Gratitude for bravery, for willingness and especially for following through. You kindled a lot of flames. You stirred a lot of dreams. You disturbed a lot of complacency.

My tolerance for company that does not accept my vulnerability is dwindling My armor for company that does not accept my vulnerability is toughening. My tendrils for truth are maturing. And I’m called  to talk about it.

May my mission include hemming in with more like-minds. No, my mission hinges on making hemming-in with more like-minds a priority. And that excites me!

Anyone ready to hem in?