I Am A Champion

One of my favorite qualities about the new me is I refuse to be a victim.

If I take responsibility for everything that happens to me, it puts me in control of the outcome, not someone else. And I like that option.

When I lose a competition I intended to win, I allow myself a few hours to feel sorry for myself. But then, as if I am one of my own clients, I remind myself losing is part of the game.

The big reality check though is: do I really, for reals feel like a Loser? Or am I willing to feel like a Champion?

A Champion friend of mine, Zack, just told me: losing does not make me a loser. And I have to see myself as a Champion. That means not just blithely parroting the words “ok… I’m a champ-ee-on…”

It’s a mindset that translates to doing what Champions do.

Champions know that other people are working just as hard as they are. Champions recognize what they thought was their best was indeed short of their best. Champions appreciate that it’s going to take more… or at least different- than before. Champions take a realistic look at what it’s going to take to get to the next level, and make a realistic plan about their future.

Where are you a year from now? If you quit moving forward toward your dreams, or goals, or achievements, or whatever you call them, can you proudly look yourself in the eye? Or will you hang your head in regret?

Let’s stay in the fight. Let’s keep evaluating and scouring and calculating our performance. Let’s diligently assess our reality. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Let’s not be victims but Victors