If I wrote my web site address on my face mask, everywhere I go could be a tax deduction.

I’m searching for most popular words in 2020 and I can’t find any websites that include: “Covid 19” or “Social Distancing” or, my favorite of them all “Stay Safe.” Expressions that some of us literally never want to hear again.

What I did get was “Straight Fire” which is something you’d say instead of you’re the bomb. And “Cringy,” which is exactly what it sounds like. And “Mewd,” which is kind of a fun play on the same word, different spelling: “mood.” And finally “Cancelled,” which is something you’d pronounce when a person or organization acts senselessly or thoughtlessly. That these organizations continue to exist is irrelevant. As in: Fry’s Grocery store doesn’t offer hand wipes or sanitizer at the checkout so they’ve been Cancelled. I can tell you it’s a word I’ve used often when making medical appointments since I’ve yet to find a doctor office front desk staff with better human relation skills than a honey badger.

Anyway, I’m looking for some sort of positive to come from the government mandated unemployment and social isolation over the last six months. I know it’s hiding under the approximately $3 trillion debt we’ve incurred that child abuse prevention organizations, or US Veteran affairs, or anti-sex-trafficking groups could have used to entirely change the face of the planet for all time.

And I came up with this awesome idea to Sharpie my web site address on my face mask as a way to  contribute to the solution to the problem of spreading disease. What I’m gambling on is my blog doing the greater good. I’m not totally against face masks. They have their place on some occasions. But they are not the solution to the problem of spreading disease. They are the Paedocypris compared to the blue whale of lifestyle choices. They are the The Lottery of 21st Century traditions.

It is not my intent to chastise mask-wearers, or mask-wearing. It is my intent to say, can we just not make safety about social isolation -whether behind a mask or 6-feet apart or shut in? It is my intent to implore you to make your safety and protection about the miraculous abilities your body was created to do from the day you were conceived. Getting outside. Breathing fresh air. Eating fruits and vegetables as your primary source of calories. Exercising. Socializing. To name a few. These are your safety and protection! Your body was created to stay alive and fight disease (including a Corona Virus) provided you give it the proper nutrition and movement and human connection.