I’m Curious about Curiosity

What if we dissected Curiosity and divvied it up into all areas of our lives?

The word came up in the book I’m listening to by Brene Brown called Dare to Lead. And my mind scattered in a million directions about the impact it could have if we started every endeavor with: “I’m Curious about… what would happen if…”

If you were to frame decisions into a statement of Curiosity, what could happen?

In my business, I’m thinking, Curiosity could be a major motivator to success for my clients. What if everyone developed a genuine Curiosity about something they need to change? Instead of “I need to change my eating habits to include more vegetables.” Say, “I’m Curious, which vegetables would I buy if I wanted a colorful plate that is tasty and nutritious?” The Curiosity statement just causes forward motion.

Wow! What if it was even more broad, “I’m Curious about what habits I’d need to change to be in the best shape of my life by the end of 2020.” Doesn’t that just make you want to dig in?

When you’re Curious about something, you challenge yourself to find a solution. Knowledge is fed by Curiosity. And the more you know the more Curious you are.

There is a lot of fitness information out there. However, the people who are most stuck in a cycle of sickness or unable to reach goals, are the people who are still quoting articles written in 1994. “If I lift heavy weights, my muscles will get too big.” Or “Eating fat makes me fat (or raises my cholesterol).” Or “There is correlation between salt and high blood pressure.” Or “the more cardio I do, the more fat I will burn.”

If they were to gain a genuine Curiosity about why they are not getting the results they want, it could change their world! When you state that you are Curious about something, it naturally moves your brain to seeking resolution or clarification.

“I exercise two hours a week and I still have belly fat. Since I don’t like this belly fat, I’m Curious about what I could do different.” Now, isn’t your mind reeling with ideas?

I know I’m not stating a new concept. I’m just asking those of us who might be stuck somewhere to look toward Curiosity to move us forward.