Imagine Health Care (part 1)

I was imagining all the great things that could happen from this Covid19 disaster. I was thinking how great would it be to gather brilliant minds in one place who don’t feel compelled to bitch together about what is wrong, who won’t be tempted to fall prey to media hyperbole, but who will respond as a unit to begin to solve some of the aches our communities suffer.

“What is my community’s immediate aching need?” we would ask. “What can we do as a unit to solve some of the needs of the community that existed even before quarantine?” we would ask.

So, in the absence of my imaginary committee, and in the privacy of my own living room, I decided the biggest problem is health.

Not “health care,” but Health that is present in a person’s body to withstand disease and viruses. Health that exists in a woman’s body because she is making good nutrition decisions. Health that is present in a man’s body because he is thoughtfully acting in a way that prevents illnesses that could cause him serious harm. Health that exists in a community because the populous is taking personal responsibility to do those things that promote well-being.

What needs to change to make this happen? Obviously, my ideal Healthy-person/Healthy-community scenario does not exist, or we would not have taped shut our playgrounds and force-closed our small businesses and schools.

What could be different by the end of 2020 that did not exist at the end of 2019?

Is it more education? More coaching?

It’s so easy for me to see there is more than enough education out there. It is easy for me to make good health choices. But I remember: your living medication-to-medication, could compare to my living paycheck-to-paycheck. I have no doubt if my husband and I had personalized coaching to help us accumulate a bigger savings, to invest in a long-term financial plan, or whatever… we would be living our best life financially. Just as If you had personalized coaching to help you get your exercise, to purchase and consume healthy food choices, or whatever … you would be living your strongest life.

Someone might say it’s too late for you to get in the best shape of your life; you’ve made too many poor decisions, just as someone might say it’s too late for Warren and I to be in our best financial space; we’ve made too many poor life-decisions. I get the frustration. I empathize with the conundrum, but I don’t believe it is ever too late.

I believe real Health Coaching is the most pressing need of our communities.

Real, actual coaching for individuals who need help – from qualified people who are not salespeople selling a diet plan or a magic potion of some sort. But a person who cares about your health and the health of the community she lives in.

Real Health Coaching. Not by someone who believes you need to lose weight, but by someone who can empathize with your desire to be healthy – so you can fight infections and viruses so you can enjoy life with loved ones and work without worrying about sickness and injury.

Real Health Coaching by knowledgeable people who will compare your real life with what can reasonably happen next; not compare their mindset to yours; who genuinely understand you are different and your needs are unique.

Real Health Coaching -to take people from knowing they need to make changes to actually making changes – is the aching need of our communities!

Who’s in?