It’s A Perfect Day For A Perfect Day

I’m not an optimist by nature. But I recently decided I really want to be one.

All the super smart people I know say I can change my brain to believe anything. It just takes practice.

So I’m practicing being an optimist. And, if I were honest with myself, and with you, I’d have to say.. it’s working!

I spend less time figuring out how to break out of a negative situation (that has never even happened) and more time asking how I can experience a positive situation. If you think like I do, you’ll understand what I mean. We hypothesize what could go wrong, and spend a lot of brain calories trying to figure out how to deal with it. Rather than visualize all the great things that could happen.

If you’re ready to change into an optimist, let me give you an example of how I’m rewiring my brain.

Last night, before I went to sleep I thought “Tomorrow’s a perfect day to be a perfect day.” Which of course leads to “What could happen tomorrow that could make it a perfect day?” The second I asked it, my brain sought to answer it.

Voila! Optimism made simple!

Just kidding. It’s not that simple. But it’s a great maneuver.