It’s Time For a Change! And I’m Making It Happen!

I have been a certified fitness professional for more than 35 years. I’ve seen the inside of a thousand and one gyms around Arizona; I’ve worked with people in their homes and on the trails; I’ve founded and ran successful gyms in two locations in Oregon. Hundreds of us have been impacted and inspired by the culture set at Next Level Fitness Training.

And now, I’m excited to tell you about some changes I’m making at NLFT.

As of June 12, 2020 am offering Fitness Coaching, serving people who would like movement, mindset and nutrition coaching within a comprehensive plan. Most plans are 12-weeks long (of course, depending on athletic goals, and with options to continue.) All plans include developing a strategy for your real life, and a close partnership so you stay on track. Personal fitness training, from that point, is an additional service.

Whether you want to compete in an obstacle course race, keep up with the grandkids at Disneyland, or achieve another fitness goal of your dreams, you’re embarking on, and depending on a change in habits to make it happen. If it’s too important to leave to chance, please  visit my web site at, or call me 541.260.8825, I know we can do this!

I am also available for presentations in your work environment on the topic of Healthy Living. In addition, I’m planning fitness retreats for recreational women athletes who want to be better this year.

Sincerely, Andrea Bowden – Next Level Fitness Training

ACE Certified Health Coach Since 2018

ACE Certified Personal Trainer Since 1985


I am offering a special on 16-weeks of fitness coaching for a beginner runner who wants to train for a half-marathon. This is a perfect program for a current exerciser who wants to do something incredible this year!


I believe all bodies are different and respond to different strategies uniquely. I believe exercise is the gateway drug to everything that ails us. I believe in challenging our physical limitations on a regular basis in order to build our mental toughness, which builds our confidence, which makes us better people. I believe conquering obstacles in the gym has a direct connection to conquering obstacles in real life, which makes us better people. I believe our mental health is a priority. I believe most of us grossly underestimate our athletic abilities. I believe most of us have the potential to get in the best shape of our life as we age. I believe, in small, like-minded groups, with inspiring leadership, we can become people who accomplish impossible goals.