More Curiosity About Curiosity

Aren’t you curious about what it will happen?

That’s my new favorite question to ask clients who want to make changes to their health and wellness.

  • What if you drank half your body weight in ounces of water? Aren’t you at least curious to see if the claims are true for YOU?
  • What if you decided to walk every day from now until Christmas. Aren’t you curious to see if you feel any changes to your mood?
  • If you started lifting heavy weights at least three days a week, aren’t you curious to see if you really would get giant muscles? I mean if they get too big, you can always quit! But aren’t you curious about what could happen?

I’ve been really curious about curiosity lately because you know how they say change keeps you young? (If you don’t, I’ll tell you, it’s what they say.) Well, I am hypothesizing that it’s not change, but curiosity about the change that keeps us young.

My husband and I moved for the umpteenth time, and we keep joking that although it’s damn hard, at least “it’s keeping us young. Haha.”

But I heard this word in a podcast and I began to think that it’s not the change that’s keeping us young, but our curiosity about what could happen if….

And then I thought maybe curiosity and hope have a connection. For Warren and I, we moved here with a lot of hope for a better future than where we were. So, I’m asking, do people have more hope if they have more curiosity? We know that having a life purpose is an anti-depressant, so I’m wondering, if those of us who don’t feel a life purpose would seriously commit to sharpening our curiosity about anything – or something new- I’m curious, could it help lead to healing?

Warren and I are struggling to make it work in our new city, but I think the most important function for us is to refine is our curiosity reflex. I believe, if we lose that, we’re in for a deep dive.

And so, this leads to my VERY IMPORTANT point: it’s not just the curiosity about the change keeps us young, but the fact that if we want to survive (especially if we want to survive well), we have to act on that curiosity! It’s the acting on the curiosity that keeps us alive and prospering.

We must scratch our curiosity itch. Do not let it dull. Do not kill it. It’s an active process of keeping our minds and bodies moving forward.

So, I’m curious… What are you curious about?