Health Coaching

12-weeks of Movement, Nutrition and Mindset coaching to change your life. Imagine you in the best shape of your life… only better! There are NO cookie-cutter plans. Every week, you meet with your coach to talk about your unique plan for your life, your body, your goals. If you want: More muscle; Smaller pants size; Faster 10K; or Functional fitness for retirement, I have the tools you need, and a system that works, so together we can devise a realistic plan for your real life.

One-to-One Personalized Training

If you need additional accountability for exercise, and a plan that works for your body, add on private (or small group) personal training. Just you and your coach, who is dedicated to your success. All programs are personalized and periodized. You get coaching that fits YOU. YOUR needs. YOUR body. YOUR goals for your real life today. The program evolves to fit you every day as your body changes. The resistance Training protocols are backed by science so you know you’re going to get the best results.

Corporate Small Group Training

Your corporate gathering needs a fitness class that delivers a shot of energy from a motivational and inspirational coach! You’ll get a Bootcamp style fitness class with all the toys, expert instruction and a fun routine that fits all bodies at all levels of fitness. Suitable for groups up to 35 people

Additional Services

Guest Speaking and Teaching Events

Want to get your Team or Organization motivated to make some health and wellness changes? Andrea is an accomplished speaker and Behavior Change Specialist who will work with your group culture so the wheels of change can begin moving.


Personalized Nutrition Coaching is available upon request.

ACE Credits

Need ACE Continuing Education Credits?

Interested in becoming a Next Level Fit Trainer?

We partner with the best of the best. If you think you have what it takes, send me a note today.


Women Fitness Retreats


If you’re looking for confidence to compete stronger this year than last…

If you’re looking for the secret to balancing your real life of work and raising a family with the athlete in you that knows you can be faster, stronger, better…

If you want to connect with other like-minded women who look at a similar image in the mirror, who ask the same questions about life and performance…

Welcome to Goals: Accomplished! A Fitness Retreat for Athletic Women Who Want to Be Better This Year!

Coming in Fall, 2020!

“Andrea’s coaching has helped improve my confidence, my strength, my nutrition and overall health.” Christine Ruhl, Exceptional Student Services Director at Blueprint Education, mom of two.

Let’s Chat About Your Goals.