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Motivation Is Not Crap

I listened to an excellent motivational video on YouTube today during my workout. I like motivational videos. It’s not a regular thing with me, but I’ve listened a few times in the gym.

The one I ended up with today was primarily David Goggins’ voice. David Goggins being, arguably, the toughest man on the planet. He most definitely gets my attention because, in my mind, he deserves it. If you listen to what he’s saying and not what he’s doing, most of the time, I think he’s on target.

Today, however, I was listening with an ear toward erroneous thinking. Why wouldn’t whatever this guy is saying help someone get up off their ass and into the gym? –Because that’s who he thinks he’s talking to– I wonder if those are, indeed, the people tuning in. But, I’m willing to bet the people who are listening are trying to motivate their sedentary friends and family with the same vernacular.

And it doesn’t work.

You can’t say motivation is crap, for example. Motivation is not crap. Motivation is absolutely THE sh!^! Motivation is what you want to manipulate in order to get past unmotivated. If you want to make some sort of change, motivation constitutes every question you’re asking yourself every day.

“What will it take to keep me motivated to stay the course?”

“What is my mindset/my behavior/my actions that will keep me motivated to lead me from here to there?”

“When will I wake up/go to sleep/eat/read a book/study/connect with people to keep me motivated to push when I don’t want to?”

If you want to stay motivated, ask if you have a positive attitude about what you’re doing to get you where you want to go.

If you want to stay motivated, ask if your goals are within a normal continuum your friends and your family and your co-workers might expect of you.

If you want to stay motivated, ask yourself if you believe you are genuinely and 100% in control of the outcome.

If you say no to any of them, your intention and your motivation will be weak and you need work.

Coaching can help. A good coach can help you identify stuck points, break through motivation, and get you from here to there. If you are ready to find the athlete in you; that Strong; that Confident, but you are stuck, I’d love to help!