The Trouble with Facebook

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” George Elliot

The trouble I have with Facebook is the sharing of the memories.

Today I got one from “8 years ago.”

First of all, I’m still in shock that Facebook even existed eight years go. But the most depressing part is recognizing that in those eight years, other people – who think eight years was a Long Time Ago, or a “circa-” have developed from a being who had a curfew, to one who has solved worldwide problems; from a person

who had virtually no responsibilities, to one who governs multi-million dollar enterprises; from a student who had to be reminded to do homework, to one who has broken world records, while I was deciding what to have for dinner.

In eight years, people have literally changed the world, while I watched Law and Order on Netflix.

This under-achiever complex I have is a crisis. It’s a crisis that needs a fighter.

The chance that I’ll make much impact on the world is pretty narrow, but I am working to fortify my mindset so I can overcome barriers. I am working to surround myself with people who believe I can, because they are doing the same; I am working to go to sleep every night with my dreams under my pillow, so I can wake up every morning with intention to reach them, no matter how impossible.

My Goals are still a little unstable. I only have a teensy little pinhole of vision. I have a mountain of doubt and a huge collection of insecurity. But I am desperately open to wisdom and motivation and encouragement. And beyond anything: hope. And I am willing to take action.

Eight years from now, in 2027, when I’m 62 years old, what are you going tell me Facebook? I want you to remind me that I am a conqueror. That I did not give up. That I believed in myself. That the hope I attempted to harness was a fitting match. I want to see the world through eyes that are satisfied with who I have become.

What about your Memories? Where were you? And where are you going?