They’re Here!

A few weeks ago I mentioned I’m on a new path to heal this thyroid thing. My functional medicine doc was going to recommend a set of supplements to get my gut in check, which will affect my overall health, which will hopefully heal this lump.

Well, they’re here!

It’s really not as scary as it looks. My dose calendar is a little daunting though: From one bottle, I take one capsule 30 minutes before meals four times a day; others I do the same, only three times a day; and from another bottle I take two, 30 minutes before meals, three times a day; and another, I take one twice a day with meals. I put 10 drops from the dropper bottle in water, and I mix two scoops of protein in a smoothie.  Oh, and brush my teeth with the paste twice a day.

Every day. For two months.

I love hope though. Don’t you? My husband and I have made our health a priority because we really, really don’t want to be sick in our old age. Nothing is certain, I know, but at some point, a person has to accept research in one direction or another.

And I don’t believe traditional medicine is working hard enough to contribute toward healthy communities. I don’t believe traditional medical doctors are set up, either with the educational system, or with the medical system, to actually care for our health needs. And so those of us who want to get and stay well have to do our own research, be very diligent about our choices, and be willing to take a serious financial hit.

I listened to the #IAmEnough lady Marisa Peer, on the Model Health Show podcast a while back and she advised me not to say “my goiter” because it’s not mine. It does not belong on me. Maybe it’s teaching me something now, but it is not welcome for very much longer. And, I have always been hopeful that there is a cure. I believe my body is reacting to something it doesn’t like, and it’s up to me to find what that is. Covering up symptoms with medication, or surgery is not hope. It is a last resort after every possible option has been exhausted. But it is not hope.

I’ll keep you posted.