Next Level Fitness Training

Get the best of the best fitness coaching!

Higher Standards | Strategic Planning | True Partnership 

"Coach Andrea is the real deal! Her top-notch knowledge and individual attention means you will succeed." Karen Smith Police Academy Recruit

Our Process

Athletic coaching for adults

that gets you to your next level

Start with a goals assessment

You are ready to be in the best shape of your life. Start with a Goal Assessment with a Next Level Fitness Training Coach to get to the heart and soul of your wants and needs. It’s important that your real life: your past, present and future, your obstacles, and your deepest desires be discussed so that a real life plan can be crafted.

Decide on a plan of action

Once you’ve done a goals assessment, you and your coach collaborate on a plan for your real life. You will get a personalized calendar so you can reach your goals around your current schedule. You will get the best of the best private, one-to-one personal fitness training with a personalized, periodized training schedule that will get you to your goals.

Get in the best shape of your life

You and your coach will work closely together to motivate and inspire you to keep moving forward. Your trainer will pay close attention to your form and your progress so you know you’re doing it right for the fastest, best results. Your Next Level Fitness Training Coach shares your desire to accomplish your goals. You are a team! When you win, everyone wins!

Trying for too long with no results?

Don't wait a minute longer to get in the best shape of your life.

Get an easy-to-follow worksheet to plan your Movement, Mindset and Nutrition so you reach your goals!

"Andrea taught me how to achieve my fitness goals... I've watched my body transform into a strong, toned, heavy-lifting, goal-crushing woman!"

-Alivea McAlpin

NLFT Coaches are different!

Achieve your goals with a true partner who gets results.


Your NLFT coach is held to a higher standard in professional skill and customer service


Your NLFT coach cares about teaching proper form


Your NLFT coach will strategically plan your training (periodize) to meet and even exceed your goals


Your NLFT coach will partner with you to make the mindset changes necessary to achieve your goals

"You have inspired me to stay the course, no matter how long or however many detours come my way."  Kristina Campina-Roth Mother, Rancher, Nurse

How We Are Different

"If you think that you are not ready for this type of training, I can honestly say, with Andrea’s coaching, YOU ARE."



The Right Process

Build Endurance and then Strength and then Power. There is a proper process every body needs to take for maximum results. Practice each move to safely progress.


Either endurance or strength or power. No process to smoothly progress from one stage to the next. No intention to master the moves for injury prevention.


Training specifically for your body, and your real life with a science-backed plan to get you from somewhere to somewhere better.


Exercise just to burn calories or blow of steam with no specific plan. May or may not make you better every day.

Functional Fitness

Fitness Coaching for real people who play with kids, ski, compete, commute, garden, hike... Real people need fitness training that promotes function not aggravates dysfunction.


Sitting on machines further exacerbates dysfunction from muscles that are too tight or too loose from sitting or from poor posture.


Personalized Attention

You get expert help to get and keep you motivated to get the best shape of your life. Coaching for Movement, Mindset, Nutrition, and Recovery for YOUR life, not a cookie-cutter program.


Coming and going to a gym or at home with no accountability and no coaching for safety and effectiveness has a high drop-out rate.