Next Level Fitness Training

Fitness Coaching that gets you to your Next Level 

Set Realistic Goals | Make a Realistic Plan | Get in the Best Shape of your Life 

“Coach Andrea is the real deal! Her top-notch knowledge and individual attention means you will succeed.” Karen Smith Police Academy Recruit

Our Process

Athletic coaching for adults

that gets you to your next level

Start with a goals assessment.

Don’t wait! If you stay on your current Exercise, Nutrition, Mindset and Recovery plan will you be living the life you want in 5 years from now? Or will your family have to slow down for you? If you don’t ramp up your training, will you be able to do that event you’ve always dreamed of, or will you be regretting never trying? 

Decide on a plan of action

Once you’ve done a goals Assessment, you and your coach decide what kind of coaching works best for you: 


Private One-to-One. (scroll anchor)


Small Group


In-Home on your own

Get in the best shape of your life

Start getting in the best shape of your life. Stick to your goals, commit to being the best you can be. 


Sign up for Private one-to-one training


Small Group Personal Training

Maybe you’ve been trying for too long with no results. 

Maybe you’re ready to make a serious commitment.

“Andrea taught me how to achieve my fitness goals… I’ve watched my body transform into a strong, toned, heavy-lifting, goal-crushing woman!”

-Alivea McAlpin

Are you ready to make a serious commitment? 

Our Programs

Private One-to-One Training

Just you and the coach gets you the most effective, fastest results. All programs are personalized and periodized. You get coaching that fits YOU. YOUR needs. YOUR body. YOUR goals TODAY! The program evolves to fit YOU every day as your body changes.The resistance Training protocols are backed by science. No fancy moves. No crazy stunts.

Small Group Personal Training

Classes are small, so you get very close attention to detail about what’s going on with your body. So you can feel safe and cared for. The classes are periodized for the competition season, however everyone starts from where her/his body needs to start. No one is expected to perform like a seasoned athlete… unless you ARE a seasoned athlete! Everyone is respected for where they are at now!

Corporate Small group Training

Rent-a-Trainer for a small or large group for your corporate gathering. You’ll get a Bootcamp style class that fits all bodies at all levels of fitness in one fell swoop.

Guest Speaking and Teaching Events

Want to get your Team or Organization motivated to make some health and wellness changes? Andrea is an accomplished speaker and Behavior Change Specialist who will work with your group culture so the wheels of change can begin moving.

How We Are Different

“If you think that you are not ready for this type of training, I can honestly say, with Andrea’s coaching, YOU ARE.”



The Right Process

Build Endurance and then Strength and then Power. There is a proper process every body needs to take for maximum results. Practice each move to safely progress.


Either endurance or strength or power. No process to smoothly progress from one stage to the next. No intention to master the moves for injury prevention.


Training specifically for your body, and your real life with a science-backed plan to get you from somewhere to somewhere better.


Exercise just to burn calories or blow of steam with no specific plan. May or may not make you better every day.

Functional Fitness

Fitness Coaching for real people who play with kids, ski, compete, commute, garden, hike… Real people need fitness training that promotes function not aggravates dysfunction.


Sitting on machines further exacerbates dysfunction from muscles that are too tight or too loose from sitting or from poor posture.


Personalized Attention

You get expert help to get and keep you motivated to get the best shape of your life. Coaching for Movement, Mindset, Nutrition, and Recovery for YOUR life, not a cookie-cutter program.


Coming and going to a gym or at home with no accountability and no coaching for safety and effectiveness has a high drop-out rate.

“You have inspired me to stay the course, no matter how long or however many detours come my way.”  Kristina Campina-Roth Mother, Rancher, Nurse